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Clarisse Winters - Headshot by All-Bark-No-Bite Clarisse Winters - Headshot :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 2 2 Draw this again! Meme - Cat Hoodie Dude by All-Bark-No-Bite Draw this again! Meme - Cat Hoodie Dude :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 7 2 DAMuro Practice by All-Bark-No-Bite DAMuro Practice :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 2 1 Rokka no Yuusha OC - Kaila Jadyn by All-Bark-No-Bite Rokka no Yuusha OC - Kaila Jadyn :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 1 0
Mature content
Jack's Harem At Castle Rock - Chapter 1 (LOTF) :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 5 8
APH: Board Game Battle (Secret Santa Gift)
2p!USA, 2p!Canada, USA & Canada: Brother's Board Game Battle
2p!America - Jason
2p!Canada - Matthieu
(I've seen different names be used, I prefer these)
The sun glowed dimly as it hung at the edge of the clouded sky. The weather had been gloomy for the past week, rain pattered on the roof every night and the storms had taken out the electricity several times. Right now, the same synchronization was being repeated; water trickled down the windowpanes and lightning occasional zapped in the sky. The constant barrage of attacks Mother Nature tormented the world with was more than pissing off a certain individual.
Matthieu, the 2p! version of Canada, was grumbling as he hunched himself against the concrete wall of the basement. The overgrown polar-bear beside him licked its bloody paws; the Canadian patted the large animal and continued to curse the stormy weather. At first, he liked the depressed atmosphere, but soon he got sick of it and yearned for it to go away and piss on someone
:iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 11 11
.+First Christmas 2013+. by All-Bark-No-Bite .+First Christmas 2013+. :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 22 6
Mature content
2p!England x Reader: The Demon Barber :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 60 38
America x Reader: The Hero Always Gets the Girl
Jealous!Dark!America x Shy!Reader: The Hero Always Gets the Girl
It was a peaceful late morning in your house. The air was still, the only noise was your humming which seeped into every room of your home, breathing life into the calm atmosphere. You were baking pancakes on one saucepan and cooking bacon on another; multi-tasking your breakfast was always an enjoyable challenge. You continued humming a joyful tune, bouncing excitedly on your tiled floor as you flipped your first batch of pancakes. Sparing glances at each pan, you turned to collect some plates and cutlery.
Today, you had an extra set.
This was because America was coming over to hang out at your place, probably in an attempt to spend more quality time with you as well as stomach as much of your food as he possibly can. It had been quite a long time since you spent a day with Alfred, you really missed that up-beat attitude of his and you were looking forward to the obnoxious hero to bound into your life, to save you from t
:iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 189 105
America x Reader x Neko!England: Under Siege
America x Reader x Neko!England: Under Siege
There you huddled, behind the barrier which protected you from the enemy. The weapon which was clutched in your hands trembled slightly, and fear coursed through your veins. The sound of the opposing army nearing caused you to shiver anxiously. They barged into the surroundings, crashing fiercely into your boundaries. You heard their advances halt, sparking your attention and curiosity. Your head peeked over the wall, bad choice ______.
"Oh fu-"
A large swarm of moths enveloped you, fluttering their wings against your face, tickling your nose and eyes. They were your enemy, a species of savage barbarians which had invaded your home. The fortifications were compromised of many pillows and sheets which hung over the back of the couch, creating a mound for you to hide in. The weapon which was brandished in your hand was a rolled up newspaper, which you were currently using to swat the flying terrors away from your face.
"Oh screw you, winged sp
:iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 117 41
Happy Halloween 2013 by All-Bark-No-Bite Happy Halloween 2013 :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 3 10
Mature content
Ch. 2 Iceland x Reader (Ultimate Nordic Crack-Fic) :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 53 42
Fairy Adoptables [OPEN] by All-Bark-No-Bite Fairy Adoptables [OPEN] :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 11 9
Pandora Hearts: Seven Minutes in Heaven (Vincent)
Pandora Hearts: Seven Minutes in Heaven (Vincent Nightray)
Everyone in the room was hushed as they stared at Reim, who was thoroughly contemplating the positive and negative effects of allowing such a game to take place. But, of course, Oz couldn't care less about Reim's logical deduction and took the matter into his own hands. Soon, a hat filled with various objects had been collected and the young Vessalius boy was scanning the room for the first contestant.
His lush green orbs paused on you and your body tensed. Realizing his gaze you began pleading with your eyes for him to not choose you, but he is one evil little brat.
"______, a beautiful woman such as yourself deserves to go first!", he winked and hopped to your side, holding the large hat out.
You glanced at him several times anxiously, noticing his sincere nod your expression softened. Seriously, what harm could befall you in a closet? You were strong enough to fend for yourself anyway. These reassuring sentences wafted throu
:iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 43 15
Pandora Hearts: Seven Minutes in Heaven (Intro)
Pandora Hearts: Seven Minutes in Heaven (Intro)
The carriage bumped and rattled as it sped across the cobblestone roads, constantly swaying your finely done hair, much to your displeasure. The moon-light dripped through the velvet curtains which framed the window, allowing light to illuminate your face. You could see the mansion now, it had a gorgeously decorated exterior, the work of a fine architect for sure, and it had the most breath-taking gardens, abundant in topiaries and rose bushes. The Rainsworth family had invited you to attend a grand ball, although it was more along the lines of a casual get-together that Sharron had forced upon you. You could feel your heart pulsate through you chest roughly, despite it being a less formal occassion you couldn't help but feel slightly nervous.
The horses trotted to a stop and your footman held the door open for you and helped you out of the small carriage. You stepped down and breathed a sigh of awe as you stared at the massive building,
:iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 40 35
Zombie Adoptables [CLOSED] by All-Bark-No-Bite Zombie Adoptables [CLOSED] :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 13 22


Skin Colour + Others  Palette by Spudfuzz Skin Colour + Others Palette :iconspudfuzz:Spudfuzz 14,973 851 Luna by Claparo-Sans Luna :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 6,188 87 Caged Heart by yuumei Caged Heart :iconyuumei:yuumei 17,896 367 2015 - Skirts References by rika-dono 2015 - Skirts References :iconrika-dono:rika-dono 9,796 93 Step by Step eyes by Eciilia Step by Step eyes :iconeciilia:Eciilia 3,559 77 Female standing poses by Sellenin Female standing poses :iconsellenin:Sellenin 3,529 190 Claw by wlop Claw :iconwlop:wlop 10,525 314 TUTORIAL - Visual Novel Sprites 101 by Konett TUTORIAL - Visual Novel Sprites 101 :iconkonett:Konett 567 21 Koi Pond Tutorial 3/3 by SmallCreationsByMel Koi Pond Tutorial 3/3 :iconsmallcreationsbymel:SmallCreationsByMel 610 108 Draw This Again 2010-2012 by Chemical-Exorcist Draw This Again 2010-2012 :iconchemical-exorcist:Chemical-Exorcist 5,361 1,190 Face/Head Tutorial (Anime/Manga) v.2.0.3 by Rhyshian Face/Head Tutorial (Anime/Manga) v.2.0.3 :iconrhyshian:Rhyshian 354 42 M I N T Y by txunnpae M I N T Y :icontxunnpae:txunnpae 294 14 How to draw noses by safva How to draw noses :iconsafva:safva 1,082 68 Clip Studio Paint Eye Tutorial by sonkeii Clip Studio Paint Eye Tutorial :iconsonkeii:sonkeii 57 3 Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint Glitch Tutorial by DracoTempest Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint Glitch Tutorial :icondracotempest:DracoTempest 121 17 Nsio Explains: Distortion in Perspective by Nsio Nsio Explains: Distortion in Perspective :iconnsio:Nsio 3,264 85


Clarisse Winters - Headshot
Simply a head-shot of an OC for an upcoming visual novel I'm doing the art for.

This design isn't finalised.

Her name is Clarisse Winters and she's a 100% magical girl!! 


Please look forward to discovering more about her when the game is released! 

tbh I don't even understand my existence anymore soo.....

if anyone has an OC they want drawn for free and without knowing whether or not I'll ever actually do it just like... hit me up yo

pls just message or comment a reference of your OC and I may or may not draw it

i just need meaning in life

k thx             



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Ahhhh thank you so much for the watch bby:iconmuahplz: I really appreciate it <333

If you like my art feel free to check me out on YouTube ,Tumblr Instagram ,or Facebook  :iconasdfghbeeplz: //shamelessly advertises LOL
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Hello, I'm sorry to bother you with this. But I have made a petition of sorts to get art thieves deactivated or banned from DA, and was wondering if you'd be interested in joining.

Even if you aren't interested in signing it could you at least get word around about it? I've been motivated by my hatred for the help desk not doing it's job upholding DA's policies to further pursue justice for artist of all kinds.
With this petition I hope to get DA staff to open their eyes and do their job instead of turning everyone away with "excuses" for that they won't help you.…
Ississ-Perok Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the watch~ it means a lot!
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Your stories are amazing!

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